Over 1000 ancient theatres remainings are today still visible all along the Mediterranean countries. Those theatres, aged since the VI century B.C. to the VI century A.D., still have a fundamental influence towards the western theatre and its dramatic action.

The first play of a tragedy started the theatre's long journey at Athens in 535 B.C. by Tespi of Icaria under the tyranny of Pisistrato...


An e-book with the most intensive census of greek and roman ancient theatres

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by Paola Ciancio Rossetto and Giuseppina Pisani Sartorio.

Design and virtual reconstructions by Henrique Rossi Zambotti

A fascinating digital journey through 2.350 interactive pages. Over 1.000 theatres with comments, plans and photographs. Over 50 virtual reconstructions of theatres and odea with their scenography and stage mechanisms.



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